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Charcoal Aloe CBD Soap

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Charcoal Aloe CBD Soap , Charcoal Aloe is the fresh soothing fragrance of aloe vera, green clovers, and various other floral undertones. A unisex fragrance with wide appeal. 

*  Made in The USA

*  4.5oz 

*  200MG of CBD 

Which skin type is it good for?
-  Combination
-  Dry
-  Acne

Top 10 Benefits :
-  Anti inflammation
-  Redness reduction
-  Moisturizing
-  Promotes healthy skin
-  May improve eczema & psoriasis
-  Cleansing
-  Plant based
-  Natural
-  Improved relaxation
-  Healthy skin cells 
-  Natural Anti-Bacterial
-  CBD oil is known to for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties! 
-   soap bar, these properties help maintain healthy skin and contribute to overall well being. 
-   CBD Oil can combat acne by reducing over activity of the sebaceous glands

NOTE: We only use high quality CBD. There is an authentic smell that may come through with some of the products.

Contact us to Mix & Match 

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