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  • Shampoo and Conditioner Bar
    Our shampoo and conditioner bars are unisex and work great for all hair types. Silicone Free, Phthalate-free & Paraben Free Palm-Oil Free Travel-Friendly Bar Vegan Package-Free Product Plastic-Free Shipping Our plastic free shampoo bar will last around 50+ washes. Each shampoo bar is 2.25 oz.
  • Hair & Nail Serum
    Hair serum makes hair shinier and healthier and reduces tangles. As the serum reflects light, it makes hair look lustrous and healthier. It also protects hair from dust and humidity. The low acidity prevents swelling and holds the hair fibers together, preventing damage. Nail Serum is the ideal, individual and effective treatment to use during a manicure in your salon or for use at home. It is a complete therapeutic treatment that nourishes and repairs brittle, fragile nails. It has a miraculous effect thanks to all the vitamins and minerals.
  • Conditioning Pomade
    A pomade won't make your hair hard or crunchy, unlike gels, and allows you to restyle your hair throughout the day. Pomade is creamier than hair wax making it suitable for thick or curly hair, but you can use pomade on anything from straight to curly hair and still get good results. Pomades also add moisture and shine to dry, frizzy hair, taming flyaway ! Conditioner helps restore these oils and nourish the hair and scalp for maximum health. Conditioner also coats the hair cuticle with a layer of ingredients that help protect, thicken, and smooth the hair. Whether you have dry, thick, oily, or thin hair, you'll benefit from adding a conditioner to your hair care routine.