Marzipan Glycerin Loofah Soap & Hydrangea Rose Body Butter Set ~ 4oz & 2oz

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Marzipan is a confection that consists of sugar or honey and almond meal. Marzipan is distinguished by its strong almond-like aroma !

* Made in The USA


People love loofahs because they exfoliate your skin. Dead skin cells sometimes clump around the top layer of your skin, making for a duller and less youthful appearance. Loofahs scrub this layer off gently and without disrupting the young and healthy skin cells underneath !

Ingredients : Glycerin Soap Base , Loofah (Luffa) Sponge , Fragrance and FD&C Colorant

Marzipan is a confection that consists of sugar or honey and almond meal. Marzipan is distinguished by its strong almond-like aroma !

The Ultra Moisturizing Souffle formula soothes and protects dry, depleted skin with a unique blend of antioxidants, extracts and conditioners, for skin that feels comforted, balanced, soft and smooth.

* Made in The USA


The components of a natural body butter are all high in nutritious vitamins and fatty acids, which help to nourish and revitalize your skin and improve healthy skin complexion

Body Butter Ingredients  : Purified Water , Coconut Oil , High Oleic Sunflower Oil , Cocoa Butter , Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Emulsifying Wax , Glyceryl Monostearate , Organic Shea Butter , Stearic Acid , Jojoba Oil , Cetyl Alcohol , Carbomer and Optiphen Plus