1. Patchouli Lavender BalmTastic Balm

Patchouli Lavender BalmTastic Balm

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Patchouli Lavender BalmTastic Balm , The earthiness of patchouli, along with relaxing lavender essential oil combine to offer you this fragrant indulgence !

Lotion Bar is a solid lotion containing no water , glycol or similar products found in liquid lotion and no mess application.

* Made in The USA
* 2oz container
* Beeswax

* Which skin type is this good for ?
-  Normal
-  Oily
-  Combination

Benefits :
-  Same as liquid lotion . Meaning once the lotion bar is applied to your skin , your natural body heat warms up the bar .
-  " Activated " by the warmth of your skin
-  Quick and easy way to refresh after a workout

Beeswax Formula: Organic Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Fragrance and/or Essential Oil (depending on selection), Vitamin E (Non GMO)
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